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Sure had some fun that day.

Writings by Clara Ada Johnson Clepper Smith
about her husband, William Wesley Clepperand her time living at Decker Prairie, Texas.
Transcribed by their grandson, Conan L Massey Jr.


The night I met Wesley C. was 26 Dec 1931 at a party at Grogan Mill at Charlie Netams. He bought me home form the party.
The 2 of Jan 1932 I gave a party Wesley and his brother Lim [Lemual] came then we went after Lillian Weindorff.
Edd J_____ jumped Lim about bringing Lil to the party and he would not go back again Thursday night.
Wesley and I went to the party at Vaughts, sure was a big crowd, sure had some fun.
Saturday night 9 Jan, Wesley came and took me to the party at Grogans Mill that night.
He said that he loved me, i asked him how long would it last, he said just as long as he lived. I'll always remember that night 9 Jan 1932.
Sunday Jan 17, 1932 Wesley and I went to Houston to Ethel’s got there about 4 oclock, had some trouble finding the place left about 7,30 went to a show got home about 12 oclock.
Saturday evening 23 Jan we went to Houston to a party at Ethels, went to his sisters in Camp Logan. His baby sister gertrude went to the party with us we sure had some fun.
Alta went down with us she came back with Rolland. Wesley came back to Ethel’s Sunday eve after me then we came home.
Wesley drank some beers that eve and I told him if his beer was worth more to him than going with me o.k. but he said "I could get along without it, but I need you to go with me. I wont drink any more if you wont get mad."
I wont drink any more. Wonder how long that promise will last.

Sunday evening Jan 31, 1932 he spent the evening with me, we ate supper then he and I went to church at D.P.
Saturday night 6th Feb Wes cam and we went to a party at the Mill, where we met. Leon and June Perry went with us.
I went to Houston Monday with Ethel and Howard. He came after me Saturday even.
13th, got over there while we were gone to town. We had not been back long when he came back over there. That night, Cloyed, Madeline, Calci, Wes, and I went to the Green Derby Long Shoreman's dance. we came home Sunday, carried Mrs. Clepper home, then Wes brought me home.
Last night he said "I have been looking for you for five years until the night we met."
Wes said he was coming back Sunday 28, and he decided that was so long he came Wednesday night 24 Feb 1932. I was sure surprised. we ate supper and went to the show at Hufsmith. He gave me my choice that night of going with him or another fellow. I chose him. He said "I want you to be satisfied about it and don’t forget that if you choose him, I’ll always love you any way." Those few words let me know I loved him. "so unselfish." Six months is a mighty long time to wait for my answer he said. I told him my answer was yes if he would wait for me until I wasn’t needed at home so badly. He said they will need you at home just as bad next year as they do now. Probably true.

Friday night Wes, Morris Clepper, Lil W and I went to the party at Damuths. Sure had some fun. Lil and I told the boys we would rather to with their brothers than them anyway because they said we flirted with their brothers. Ha Ha. Wes asked when did I want him to send his brother to see me. I said anytime.
I gave a party Saturday night March 5, 1932 for Alta Bentley and Rolland Bruner wedding shower. Wes and Morris came by after Lillian Weinderff and came to the party. Wes cam Sunday evening Mar 13. We went to church at Hufsmith that night.
He said he was coming Sunday 20 but he came on Saturday night 19th and carried me to a party at his cousins house, Lily Thomas. Then we came back about 2 oclock. Sure was a long ride. Sweet dreams.
Easter Sunday Wes came. We went to the ball game at Hufsmith then came back. After supper we went to Pine Hurst and came back.
Saturday night April 2, Wes came over here. Cloyed went with us by Sherfields after Gertrude and went to a party at Tom Goodsons. Got home at 1.30 oclock.
Sat April 9, Wes came over and we went to D P to church. A large crowd was there. Sunday morning 10th, Cloyed, Gertrude, Wes, and I went to Houston to Ernest Lloyds. The day we figured the plans for our house.

Saturday night April 16 Wes, Lem, Vergil and Guy Sherfield Ludy, Mr. and Mrs. Jones came down here to go fishing on Spring Creek. Wes carried them down there and came back. Ethel, Howard, Wes, and I went to a farawell party at Mary Netams. Lem cam back with us and I went on the creek with them sit up all night. Came home about ten oclock Sunday.
I gave a party April 23, 1932. Wes came that we had a good crowd that night.
Saturday night April 30 Wes came. We went to a party at Vaughts. Jim, Allen, Buck Sanders and Cloyed went with us. There is a party at Youngs and Bentley Saturday night May 7.
Wednesday night the graduation excercises at Oklahoma and D.P. Thursday. 5 May sure had some fun both times. Lillian Weindorff and Lucy Sanders D.P. Graduates 1932.
Picnic on Spring Creek May 6. I went to the party at Bentley’s Saturday night. I went over there that day and cooked Wilks birthday cake. Wesley came about 9.30 oclock . He and I went by the party at Young's but it was over already then we came back. Lem and another boy was waiting. Lem asked me what time did i run Wes off.
Sunday night May 22, Wesley came and we went down to Bud Springers where Mrs Hanks died that day.
Saturday night 28, Wesley came and stayed until ten-thirty. The next morning he came back and I went home with him spent the day and came back by church at Magnolia where Stockwell is holding a meeting. Got home about twelve oclock.
Sunday evening June 5, Wesley came we went to the ball game at Hufsmith, then to Tomball where Ethel, Howard, Cloyed and I left him. We went to Houston.
Saturday evening June 11 Wesley came to Houston over to Ethels about 6 oclock. He, Cloyed and I went over to Jim’s after Gertrude, ate supper then went to the party at Alta’s. Sure had some fun that night. Wes and Gertrude went back to Jim’s.
Sunday June 12. He came back over to Ethels after us then we came out home ate dinner and Cloyed, Gertrude, Wesley, and I went to Rose Hill to a ball game and picnic. Came back just before sundown. Then Wesley and Gertrude went on home. Wesley felt so bad that evening he did not go to church.
Sunday June 26 Cloyed and I went to Cleppers, they were looking for us. afternoon
Lem, Ruby Jones, Cloyed, Gertrude, Wesley, and I went to Hockley and Waller got some films and t_____ pictures, rode around all the evening. Stopped to eat a watermelon under a bridge. They went off and left Wesley and I, but we did not know it until they came back. Sure had some fun that day.
Sunday July 3 Wesley came to Oklahoma church where the kids and I were. We had dinner down there and then came home.
I went home with Wesley, went by after Luda and Vergil. We went to the picnic the next day 4th at Fields Store. Sure had a fine time rode around nearly all day.
Wesley and I went with Morris after his girl. We got wet while eating dinner. Got home about 11 oclock
Saturday night 9 July, Wesley came before dark. I was picking beans when he drove up. That night Allen, Jim, Leon Davis, Wesley, and I went to a party at LeeAttiway’s
Saturday night 23, Wesley came before dark. We went with mama to vote. Then we went to Goldens.
Saturday night 30, Wesley cam. I was sick so we stayed home. left at 11.30 oclock.
Saturday night 13 of August. Wesley came. Allen, Jim, Leon, Wesley and I went to Pinehurst after Gertrude then went to the party at Hosfords the night of the storm. Wesley and Gertrude spent the night with us. The next day 14 I went home with them. Stayed until Monday night 15, Wesley and his mother brought me home.
August 27, wesley came. We went to Bonnies that night but did not stay long. Saturday night September 10 Wesley came, we went to Caraway to take them some pears. did not stay very long.
Saturday night September 24, 1932 Wesley came to the party at Caraways after I had gone with Wilkie Bentley, Willie C Elvin Carraway, Lillian and Edna __________. He said that I went with Wilkie and should have come back with him, but I came back with Wesley.
Saturday night 1 day of October. Wesley came and we went to a party at Bentley’s there wasn’t very many there. He spent the night with us. We went to Houston the next day and saw Ethel’s new baby Billie Gene. Got home about 5 oclock and he stay Sunday night for the lights would not burn when he started to leave. He left Monday morning before anyone else was up.
Saturday 8th Oct night first he came and stayed until 11 oclock
Sunday 9, Wesley came and all of us went to Houston to shop. They stayed till Monday night 3 of October. 2 stayed down there. Sat. 15 we came by Jims. Lela and Gertrde came out with us. We were married with a big oyster supper and a big party.
Present at the wedding
Mrs Weindorff
Lillian Weindorff
Mollie Smith
Mrs Lela Clepper
Gertrude Clepper
Mrs Ada Jones
Mrs Claude Jones
Ruby Jones
Cloyed Johnson
Edd ___________
Mrs Ethel Bruner
Howard Bruner
Donald Ray

Brother Gill performed the marriage ceremony.

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